Whoa! Eminem Just Released A Donald Trump Diss Track And The Lyrics Are INCREDIBLE!

This is exactly what we needed on a day like this!!

Late Friday,

Well, that got our attention, especially when you look at this VERY pointed lyric directed at Trump and the President’s businesses and branding (below):

“I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando / Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch I’ll make his whole brand go under”


How long until The Donald tweets about Eminem??

The entire track is a passionate one, from both Eminem and Big Sean, as they touch on relationships, police brutality, racism in America, and more.

Listen to the entire thing — including Em’s full verse — here:

Word is there’s been no “official” comment from the White House… yet.

But you KNOW this has gotta be burnin’ up The Donald!!

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