New Lifestyle Platform Aims To Empower Black Men, Expand Their Narrative

Jason Rosario is bringing the narrative of black men to the forefront with his new online platform The Lives Of Men.

TLoM, which officially launched on Thursday, is a digital lifestyle platform that aims to further dialogue on topics that arent often discussed within black male communities such as homosexuality, self-esteem and mental health.

Its really a platform where men of all backgrounds can come and engage and interact on issues that are most relevant to them, Rosario told The Huffington Post. And if possible, gain inspiration and a sense of brotherhood as they navigate their life.

The Lives of Men
The Lives of Men launched on Thursday, 

Rosario, who is a 37-year-old director at a real estate company based in New York,cited recent incidents of police brutality as a big part of his inspiration for creating the platform.

Terence Crutcherwasreferred to by a cop from a helicopter 100 feet in the air as looking like a bad dude, Rosario said.It gives me pause when I hear people say things like that. Im 6 4, Im over 200 pounds. It makes me feel uncomfortable when Im walking down the street and people give me looks like Im a bad dude…we are not being portrayed in a way thats positive and empowering and inspiring.

TLoMs content launch currently includes aSalute to Single Dads and An Open Letter To Black Men.Rosario also made sure to kick-off the website with a sentimental video tribute to a man who has uniquely empowered men of color…President Barack Obama. From POTUS excellence to his vulnerability, Rosario said Obama is the embodiment of TLoMs values.

In the timely video, various men of color sit down to discuss the impact Obamas legacy has had on the formation of their identity. Watch below:

Rosario also hopes that TLoM will eventually move beyond its digital space and evolve into reliable resource for both men and women of color. Given the present political climate, hes cognizant of the urgent importance of such a resource.

Alot of people have an understanding that the government isnt going to take care of the black and brown communities, he said. We need to do it ourselves.

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