Baltimores Police Department Is Being Represented By A Neo-Nazi Over Wrongful Arrest Of Black Man

A neo-Nazi is representing the Baltimore Police Department in a lawsuit claiming officers fabricated evidence in order to send an black man to jail for a murder he didn’t commit, according to an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Glen Keith Allen, who works in the Baltimore City Law Department, is a longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, the report says. He is now defending the city in a 2015 lawsuit filed by Sabein Burgess, who was imprisoned for 19 years before being released and having the charges dismissed in 2014.

The SPLC has financial records dating back to 2002 that appear to prove Allen is deeply involved with neo-Nazi groups.

“Allen’s history with organized racism and anti-Semitism is deep. Records obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) show he was a dues-paying member of the National Alliance for years,” the report says. “Allen was also a subscriber to the NA’s racist publications, purchased entrance to a Holocaust denial conference the group held and bought a Holocaust denial DVD the group sold.”

Allen, according to the SPLC, has contributed to the American Eagle Party National Committee and is possibly the vice chairman/parliamentarian or attorney for the NA.

A damning report from the Justice Department released last week shows that Baltimore police officers routinely abused residents’ civil rights, performed unconstitutional searches, failed to hold cops accountable for misconduct and, in some cases, were told by supervisors to target black residents and “lock up all the black hoodies.”  

Baltimore has been in the national spotlight since April 2015, when 25-year-old Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody a death widely viewed as one caused by police misconduct.

“Baltimore’s Litigation and Claims Practice Group is arguably one of the most aggressive and successful defenders of police misconduct in the country,” the SPLC’s report says, before pointing to extreme lengths the office will take to avoid paying settlements in these cases.

Baltimore paid out around $12 million in police misconduct cases between 2010 and 2014, according to a 2015 Wall Street Journal analysis. Civil rights violations, alleged shootings, beatings and wrongful imprisonment brought on the most expensive payouts.

Read the entire investigation on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s site.

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