Let’s Hope Lizzie McGuire Isn’t An Outfit Repeater Anymore

If you still haven’t recovered from your Halloween hangover yet, then kudos to you for celebrating the holiday correctly. So it’s forgivable if, in your pumpkin spice vodka induced blackout, you missed Hilary Duff’s costume debacle. The only child star of the 2000s without a sex tape or a rehab stint royally fucked up this weekend with her couples costumeyet another reason why you NEVER cuff before Halloween. C’mon Hilary, rookie mistake.

Hilary and her new boyfriend decided to become ~official~ by attending a Halloween party together. She went as a sexy pilgrim, aka she wore a pilgrim costume sans pants. It’s like John Smith but with a leotard. Not the most creative slutty costume, but definitely acceptable for a MILF. But her bf Jason Walshan irrelevant personal trainer whose 15 seconds of fame are about as bad as forgetting to count reps during a client’s ab circuitdecided to dress up as a Native American in full headdress.

Like, go look up political incorrectness in the dictionary of 2016 and this is probably the third picture that comes up behind Donald Trump and police brutality. People on the internet went apeshit because it’s pretty not-OK to use another culture as a costume in general, and in 2016 we’re all definitely aware that Native American headdresses are first on the list of costume no-nos. Hilary apologized faster than Aaron Carter moved on to Lindsay Lohan after their breakup. So it’s good to know that she’s still a nicegirl at heart, even if she does wear slutty costumes.

My condolences to sorority girls everywhere who dressed up as Pocahontas and are devastated to know they should delete the Insta of them in costume.

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