North Dakota arrest warrant for Amy Goodman raises fears for press freedom

The Democracy Now! host has been accused of entering private property during her reporting on the Native American protests of an oil pipeline

North Dakota police have issued an arrest warrant for the Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, who has been reporting on the Native American protests against an oil pipeline, accusing her of entering private property to conduct interviews.

The charges have raised concerns about possible free speech violations and press intimidation, since the Morton county sheriffs office accused the award-winning broadcast journalist after Democracy Now! filmed security guards working for the Dakota access pipeline using dogs and pepper spray on protesters.

This is an unacceptable violation of freedom of the press, Goodman said in a statement after police accused her of criminal trespass, a misdemeanor offense.

On 3 September, Goodman reported at the site of the Native American-led protest of a controversial $3.8bn oil pipeline that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe says poses a threat to its water supply and could damage its cultural heritage.

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